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Smart Workspaces

We give life to outdoor spaces.

Expanded workspaces

A perfect space to hold a meeting, have a conversation or even have a cup of coffee.

Solar furniture provides productivity gains in work spaces.

Inspire your team

HEPHAENERGY furniture provides the use of outdoor spaces as enhancers of modern teams, making them more efficient and productive.

Inspires to resilience

As well as reminding everyone of the commitment to sustainable development, SYNTZ encourages people to reflect on objects and solutions that can work forever. Are we far from it? This provocation has the potential to generate insights, it infects people with the virus of creativity, which makes innovation flourish.

SYNTZ creates a virtual environment approximately 6m in diameter. Like a bubble, with lighting and sound emitted by SYNTZ. A few clicks on the App and the user sets the mood they want to share with their friends and colleagues in this environment.

SYNTZ's environment involves people, putting them on the same frequency, the same vibe, setting the mood for a private conversation, a meeting or a presentation.

Social and decompression environment


Safer environments

The intelligent use of outdoor spaces is a safer alternative for those companies that have sought to return their activities in a more face-to-face manner, improving the quality of life of their human resources.

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Biophilic Design

In a post-pandemic scenario, companies have increasingly sought an exit from vertical offices to more horizontal spaces, where people can perform their activities in coexistence with a more sustainable environment.

for Workplaces

Discover how HEPHAENERGY can help your company improve your existing spaces. Schedule a conversation and start changing the way you relate to your environment today.

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