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HEPHAENERGY was created in Recife - Brazil in 2017 with the objective of expanding the potential of the internet of things, granting great connectivity autonomy (both for data and energy) to objects and smart meters. We develop intelligent street furniture and sensors for measurement of hydraulic systems that share a common technology platform based on IoT and solar energy.


The name symbolizes the creation of living objects through energy. Greek mythology tells that Hephaestus was the god responsible for creating several mythological objects that had life – Achilles' armor, Cupid's arrow, Zeus' magic shield, etc. These objects were alive – they had powers (features), they were beautiful (design) and they were obedient to their owners (managed). The solar energy represented by the suffix ENERGY and the graphic of the sun on the brand complements the concept, representing an inexhaustible source of energy, which allows objects to function for long periods of time.

We imagine a world where objects are LIVE, generating ENERGY, amplifying the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).




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