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Felipe Ivo

Sunew & Ambassador at Singularity University

"Sunew and HEPHAENERGY joined technologies to create SYNTZ. Sunew provides organic photovoltaic film (OPV) technology that makes SYNTZ a 100% self-sufficient furniture, clean energy generator and off grid, and HEPHA as the developer of urban furniture that innovates through connectivity, design and sustainability."


Edney Valente

Brain - Algar Telecom

"HEPHAENERGY is a startup that we have been following for a while and is committed to the environment.
SYNTZ is an incredible furniture that manages to combine design with sustainability. In addition to all the beauty of the solar tree, it conveys an elegance and softness. I am proud to have HEPHAENERGY as a company accelerated by us."

Retrato de mulher sorridente

Margarida Diaz


​"HEPHAENERGY furniture is incredible and allows the use of spaces that were previously without life. Design combined with a lot of technology."

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SYNTZ - Árvore Solar arvoresolar solartree SYNTZ arvorefotovoltaica mobiliariointeligente mobiliariosolar mobiliariourbano optree hephaenergy fotovoltaica OPV fotovoltaico arvoreinteligente energiasolar energiarenovavel sustentabilidade arvore solar solar tree arvore fotovoltaica syntz
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Awards and Recognition


At the end of 2019, SYNTZ was awarded the Brasil Design Award in the urban furniture category. Designer Gilson Miranda worked with us for a year in the development of SYNTZ until we reached the desired result.

We are part of the 2019 class of the AMBEV accelerator. We were one of the 21 startups selected throughout Brazil among more than 400 entries. During the time there we were able to significantly improve our hardware and software, which make up the intelligence behind our environments.



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